about me

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I’m Kodai Okabayashi, college student, freelance photographer/videographer based in Kyoto, Japan.

I was born and raised in a beautiful city called Kochi by two of the best parents in the world. My mom works at a nursery and plays piano. My dad is an executive at a company and plays drums, guitars. So I used to learn and play piano in a place where there're full of musically creative-minded people.

Ever since took photos on my uncle’s camera for the first time, when I was little, I fell in love with photography because of how it can capture the world and tells narratives.

My uncle was a designer/photographer who worked for a company so he taught me everything about cameras, softwares, and technics.

Although I was almost eaten by practice for Marching Band in high school and little bit of studying, I didn’t stop learning about photography and videography from him.

I have been fascinated by what photography is capable of. I had one of the greatest time with him talking about photography and just ordinary everyday things.

But he passed away in 2014.

I lost the genius. I lost the parson to ask about photography.

After finished high school, I started live in Kyoto for university and that’s the time I decided to step onto a long journey to pursue my dream to be a professional photographer.

At first, although I saved money and got myself a first camera, I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know what I want to do. But didn’t stop taking photos and movies.

Fortunately, thanks to so many people with warm generosity, I had been asked to take pictures and produce short movies and I busted my ass to make the best I can do with full of passion. Hence the reason why I’m able to work as a photographer/videographer now.

I am currently working with clients professionally, however, I’m still trying hard.

I’m NOT afraid of learning new things, trying new project while working with creative-minded people everyday.

That is my story.

thanks for spending a time to read my story.